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News About Whitney Houston Death

February 15, 2012


Would I want the news about my death to be first cover over Twitter absolutely not, but in Whitney Houston case she didn’t have a choice. In article News about Whitney Houston’s death broke first on twitter-but went nowhere. Everyone thought that it was a false posting cause a guy with only 14 friends posted about her death and it had a rippling affect but didn’t anyone believe it. Since there’s so many lies and false rumors about death on Twitter people don’t believe it anymore. Whitney Houston’s public relations manger should have announced it before any false information was said about Whitney. Since it was on Twitter first it took the world awhile to believe that Ms. Houston was actually dead. Once they finally announced her passing a lot people began to bad talk her name about drugs. I feel personally even if her PR doesn’t know the cause of death she should be putting out articles for people to remember Ms. Houston for her beautiful voice not for doing drugs. I feel like her death new wasn’t handle well from her PR or there would have been more news release about her ability to sing and how she’s change people lives.


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